The 23rd Street Parade once again entered the history books as a relaxed, peaceful event with a massive number of visitors attending. An estimated 950,000 visitors poured into the Street Parade 2014.

Because of the European Athletics Championship, the Street Parade could not take place on the legendary date of the 2nd weekend in August. The procession of 27 Love Mobiles therefore set off around Lake Zurich on 2 August. 

In terms of weather, the spectacle was a real nail-biter. Even on the morning of the Street Parade, the forecast was bad. But at the start of the warm-up, the sun broke through – and in fact, the day turned out to be largely sunny. It was not until 9 p.m. that a fairly gentle storm reached the city on the River Limmat.

The BigCityBeats "World Club Dome" Love Mobile with the legendary star DJ ATB from Germany opened the 23rd Street Parade in dazzling style.

The line-up on the stages was led by chart stormers and DJs from the subculture. Robin Schulz, Fedde Le Grand and Paul van Dyk captivated audiences, as did Pan-Pot, Animal Trainer and Luciano. Madrileno Danny Avila rocked the "Generation Wild" alongside Deniz Koyu, making the Bellevue main-stage closing session simply unforgettable.