Take care!


Please help to keep the Street Parade as a peaceful festival of electronic music and a positive demonstration of love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance. Violence is not cool. Please show consideration for local residents! 
If you can only celebrate recklessly, or when you're drunk or stoned, it's better to stay at home and do it within your own four walls!

Support the Street Parade!

Please help and support our values of love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance. Violence is not cool.

If you can only party drunk, drugged up and reckless, it's best to stay home.


Anyone who drinks too much alcohol to get in the mood will miss lots of great things and never last through the whole parade. The atmosphere in Zurich is indescribable, unique and fascinating, even without excessive amounts of alcohol. There are enough good non-alcoholic drinks at the official sales outlets along the Street Parade, and they're also much cheaper.

No drugs, no dealing, it's a good feeling

Don't fall victim to the common cliché that you can only celebrate with drugs. Never mix drugs! Alcohol and party drugs together can kill. Don't believe anything the dealers say; they don't care if you live or die. Don't lie to yourself: dancing without drugs is fantastic enough!

Attention thieves!

Major events attract thieves. In the crowd, they often find ideal conditions to pursue their "craft". Therefore: Celebrate without precious jewelry and with as little cash at the Street Parade, so that the exuberant mood and joy continues after the party.

Ozone mio!

When the sun is shining, anyone who doesn't want to spend the night glowing like a light bulb uses protection. Take suntan lotion, suitable clothing and hats to the Parade!
 Too much sun/sunburn can take its toll on the body years later! In hot, sunny weather, find a shady spot every now and then and don't dance too long in brilliant sunshine (risk of overheating).

Protect your ears!

Techno & house music are enjoyed at high volume. Protect your ears and give your hearing a break now and again by moving to a quieter area. Ear protectors are given out at the Parade, but it's better to take your own ear plugs with you. Never stand right next to or in front of the speakers for too long. The Street Parade is not the place for toddlers; young people need looking after with particular care!


Big crowds can be avoided: If things start getting too tight, use side streets to get around the bottleneck. Please note and follow the instructions given by the security team and the Street Parade staff.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Diseases that can be (but are not always!) transmitted through sexual contact are still very widespread and are on the rise. Always use a condom and avoid unsafe sexual practices! You need to be particularly careful after consuming alcohol on a long party night!
Detailed information aids.ch

Sensible shoes, not flip-flops

Most medical emergencies in the Street Parade could be avoided with sensible shoes! People who are out on the streets in sandals, flip-flops, open toed shoes or canvas shoes are at risk from foot injuries. Wearing sturdy trainers will prevent cuts and bruises, and it's much easier to dance too.

Water pistols are out!

Leave your "guns" at home! Let’s face it, no one likes getting unintentionally soaked. And people aiming their water pistols at Love Mobiles (and their technical equipment) or girly revellers are simply jerks!

First aid

Please show consideration for others – and do not hinder the first aid workers.

No parking!

Leave your car at home and use the train – there are plenty of excellent connections! The Parade route and all the party locations in Zürich are easily accessible by public transport.

No Climbing exercises

Freak out as much as you like – but do not climb unto the traffic lights, road signs, trees or tram and bus shelters.


The overhead tram wires will be under high voltage throughout the Parade. So under no circumstances touch the wires!

Fluid loss

Make sure you drink plenty of liquids – especially if it's hot. Purchases of beverages from our official refreshment stands help to support the Parade.

Keep Zürich tidy!

Garbage belongs to the containers provided for it and in no case in bushes or on parking areas