Colours of Unity


The Street Parade is a dance demonstration in favour of love, peace, freedom and tolerance. With the motto «Colours Of Unity», the organisers want to draw attention to the fact that a picture can only be colourful if a wide variety of colours are permitted and can unfold their effect together.

For the 28th time on the day of the Street Parade, Zurich will become the unique technoid festival capital, a hotspot for electronic music. With the motto «Colours Of Unity», the or- ganizers want to point out that life is more beautiful when different colors stick together. The colours represent the different origins, views, education or backgrounds of the visitors as well as the diversity of species in general. It is the colours of an entire society, an army of hun- dreds of thousands of peaceful and happy people, who celebrate the sound of time at the Street Parade and are thus part of the fascinating demonstration for love, peace, freedom and tolerance.

In times when borders are closed and walls built, tolerant people from all over the world come together and unite on Zurich's streets - it's Street Parade. A community with all human colour nuances stands together and turns this unique experience into an event. The values of the Street Parade are open-heartedly lived and danced across generations at the world's largest techno event. This is the cornerstone for peaceful coexistence - regardless of religion, skin colour, origin or sexual orientation.

We look forward to a peaceful, colourful 2019 Street Parade with fun-loving, tolerant people from all over the world!