I wish


Make a wish! This year's Street Parade motto invites you to do just that: "I wish". Because a wish is a seed from which great things can grow. So this event once began with the daring wish of a few young people that the city of Zurich should unbutton its top shirt for one day in the summer. From this came one of the largest and most peaceful demonstrations in the world, which this year for the 30th time inspires all our senses.

At the Street Parade, hundreds of thousands of people cross paths, all bringing their own wishes for the day and beyond. As host, my greatest wish is a safe and smooth execution of this major event, which is not only sweaty when the sun shines. All visitors and helping hands should return home in good health, hopefully exhilarated and inspired by those unique feel-good vibes that will be swinging around Zurich's lake basin on August 12.

What wish does the Street Parade trigger in you? A wild rave that washes away the worries of everyday life for a few hours? A harmonious get-together with old and new friends? Even a signal to the world of what a future in shared harmony could look like? Big thought - but that's exactly what this day is for.

We are looking forward to a peaceful and colorful Street Parade with fun-loving and tolerant people from all over the world!