Culture of tolerance


The Street Parade is a dance demonstration in favour of love, peace, freedom and tolerance. With this year's motto «Culture of tolerance», the event organizers want to show that techno is a tolerant culture that has developed into an important component of our society.

Techno is a culture that represents tolerance in society, irrespective of religion, sexual orientation, skin colour or interest group. The Street Parade is a prime example of the fact that a tolerant attitude can bring together people of all different origins and achieve something positive. Opening up to each other, listening, respecting each other - in other words, living out tolerance – is the key to a common, peaceful future. 

«Culture of tolerance» is also intended to stimulate creativity and make people aware that, within the Street Parade, countless creative minds in the club culture have worked hard and provided some important impulses. UNESCO itself has highlighted this scene and recognized the techno culture of Zurich as part of the world's Intangible Cultural Heritage. House and techno, all electronic music and digital art have now become an established part of our cultural heritage and will have a permanent place in the future, along with other genres of modern music. It is still vibrating underground, and at the same time, former members of the subculture are racing up the international charts: house and techno culture are more alive then ever before, and so we look forward to new worlds whilst still upholding our old love of house and techno.

At the Street Parade, zest for life is celebrated peacefully, respectfully and with abandon, in line with the motto «Culture of tolerance».  The Street Parade has been run since 1992 as a demonstration of love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance on the part of the house and techno scene.

We look forward to a peaceful, colourful 2018 Street Parade with fun-loving, tolerant people from all over the world!