Slogan 2017: Love never ends


The Street Parade is a dance demonstration in favour of love, peace, freedom and tolerance. This year's motto, «Love never ends», shows clearly that although much is transient in life, the values of the Street Parade are always with us. The love of its ideals will never end.

Ways of life are changing all the time. Some time, people will live on other planets in other life forms, and our cities, with all their spectacular architectural constructions. will be reconquered – by nature and the animal world. We are convinced that the animal world will continue to celebrate parades in their individual form and to stand uncompromisingly for the values of love, peace, freedom and tolerance. After all, this is also the key to peaceful coexistence in our civilisation, no matter what people's religion, skin colour or origin is.   

The fact that love never ends and that, in this way, we can also live in personal freedom, without conventions and constraints as far as possible, is a great gift. However, freedom is only possible if love and tolerance are integrated into all our lives. So let us work on achieving a peaceful world and living out our dreams, because only where freedom reigns and love is lived out is freedom possible!

Let us enjoy a multifaceted Street Parade in 2017, with lots of different species of party birds, great Love Mobiles and peaceful people, celebrating an endless love of electronic music together.

We look forward to a peaceful, colourful 2017 Street Parade with fun-loving, tolerant people from all over the world!