How to get here


Arriving fit and healthy?

We are delighted to see all those guests who will be celebrating our "day of electronic music" peacefully, cheerfully and with the proper sense of responsibility. Help us to celebrate the Street Parade festival with integrity, respect and tolerance. Let's experience the Parade as friends! 

Welcome to Zurich! Use your journey to get seem relaxing "preparatory" sleep on the train, coach or plane. Those who start to get into the mood on the way here with alcohol and other drugs won't last the course and will undoubtedly miss all the fun. The mood in Zurich is also – or particularly! – indescribably fascinating and unique even without drugs.


Plan your journey with Green Mobility

Rail, Tram and Bus

Definitely the best solution!

The best way to get to the Street Parade is by train, bus and tram. Over 100 night trains and extra trains will bring you right to the Street Parade and take you home again into the small hours. In the city of Zurich, the various party locations can also be reached by tram and bus until 4 a.m.

For visitors outside the ZVV and Z-Pass zone, there are two different special tickets:

Street Parade City Ticket – It is the ideal ticket for the Street Parade (valid for two days) This ticket includes the train journey to Zurich main station and back, as well as all travel by public transport in Zurich on the ZVV network (tram, bus, S-Bahn) within Zone 110. The night supplement is also already included. This offer is available online from the SBB Ticket Shop.

Street Parade Zurich main station ticket (valid for two days)
This ticket includes the outward and return journey to Zurich main station. This offer is available online from the SBB Ticket Shop.

You can also purchase the special tickets:
- At most ticket machines
- At ticket counters in the station (opening hours)
- From Rail Service on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed-line network)

If you are arriving from the ZVV and Z-Pass zone, it's best to buy:

Don't forget the night supplement

For travelling back on the night-time network, a supplement of 5 francs is payable in addition to your valid ticket. The easiest way to pay this is:

- by texting ("NZ" to the number 988)
- using the night supplement app
- at the ticket machine

By car

Not recommended!

There will be no parking spaces which means that traffic jams are a certainty. Every year people hundreds of visitors who refuse to believe this get stuck in the traffic while the Street Parade is in full swing down town.



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