Maybe the smallest techno club in town, with the size of a living room only. And maybe the one with the most unconventional entrance. Even though Schneiderei is around for nearly 10 years already, it has managed to retain the speakeasy charm that is typical of hidden venues in cities like New York and Berlin: underground, exclusive and unrecognisable from the outside. Schneiderei has become an ideal spot for newcomer DJs over the years, with many established acts having played their first gig there. Walk through the Chinese pasta restaurant, pass the red curtain, climb up the stairs. Then dive into a different universe.

Friday, 13.8.2021, 22h
*** Orient Express ***
Mandree & Organicbeat
Sany Sanderson

Saturday, 14.8.2021, 22h
*** Nightlife Family ***
El Guntero
Benjamin Heiko
Alessio da Silva