Speaking of Zurich clubbing tradition, soon falls the name of the club Supermarket. For almost 20 years, the brick wall on the Geroldstrasse in Zurich-West provides long party nights house-nature. Not so long ago, at times, it looked as if the club was home to the new Zurich Kongresshaus. Tempi passati: Meanwhile, in the immediate vicinity of the supermarket clubs over the (many) years have changed more often the name and the owner, here is a well-rehearsed team at work, some of whose exponents have been active since the beginning of the club. The fascination that the club exerts on the Zurich community has not suffered in this time - quite the contrary: The spacious and inside very open-plan supermarket has not only a perfectly balanced sound system but also a spacious outdoor area and various bars that provide that nobody has to wait long for a drink.

Saturday, 11.8.18, 17h
CITIFOX: Âme Live, Mathew Jonson Live. DJs Roman Flügel, Serge Devant, Holmar, Kalabrese, Alex Dallas, Andri Live, Return, Patrischa.