Police banned the Street Parade

Police chief Robert Neukomm banned the Street Parade on the grounds that it «is too big, too loud, litters the streets of the city and moreover only of interest to an insignificant section of the population.» But Neukomm was not prepared for the storm of indignation which was to sweep through the media in response to the ban. In an unprecedented showing of solidarity, even the Blick and the NZZ, the Swiss People's Party (SVP) and the Socialists (SP) spoke with one voice: no way! A flood of letters of protest were addressed to the editors of the various newspapers, petitions were signed.

The authorities finally gave in to this enormous show of political and public pressure and the 1994 Street Parade on 13 August attracted an unprecedented throng of 30 000 ravers and a further 10 000 onlookers.