The Klaus is the love child of all those who dive into the city at night. And you can truly dive here: Many people who wanted to "just have a bite on a beer", only in the middle of the morning of the next day again stumbled into the sunlight. This club is a Venus flytrap, just a lot of funnier. The "funnier" also applies to the street parade week: On Thursday there's a notorious Thunderclaus, on Friday a BPM party in cooperation with the BPM Festival, which will take place in Portugal for the first time in September. This is where Carlo Lio plays. On Saturday there will be a party with Markus Homm, Pazkal, Nici Faerber, Raphael Raban and Aaron Khaleian. To klausiger Last one more note: The club is a private. If you are not on a list and still want to be pure, you have to come up with something and really, really. Spoken outfit. But it's worth it. Something of.

Thursday, 12.8.2021, 23h

James Mc Hale (MDRNTY)

Friday, 13.8.2021, 23h
Manuel Moreno
Paphael Raban

Saturday, 14.8.2021, 23h
Aaron Khaleian
De La Maso