Alte Kaserne



For almost 10 years, the cult location Alte Kaserne Zurich has been hosting regular Goa events, some of which are among the best in the country. Organized and carried out with much love and dedication by the organizers GOAFAMILY and OUTDOOR SELECTION, who have long been known with their events throughout Europe, and far beyond. 

Dive into a wonderful world of progressive and psychedelic sounds. Let yourself be enchanted by a unique atmosphere, and by a mystical decoration that will make you sink deep into a colorful sea of colors, and will make you dance all night to driving basses.

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Saturday, 14.8.2021, 22:30h
Psychedelic & Progessive GOA Selection

**IKØN** Live (first time in Switzerland)
(TechSafari Records) FR

**VUCHUR** Live
(Ovnimoon Records) DE

**AURAL VISION** Live (first time in Switzerland)
(Psychedelic Project) DE

(Iono Music) CH

(Upward Records) CH

(Monitor Music) CH

(Narcotic Music) CH