The Slogan 2016 will be announced in Spring.

Motto 2015:

«Magic Moments»

Year after year, hundreds of thousands of people meet and dance on the shores of Lake Zurich and celebrate the Street Parade together – a demonstration of love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance. It transforms the little city by Lake Zurich into one peaceful, vibrant and colourful dance floor. The Street Parade has been captivating fans of electronic music from every continent for over 20 years now.
The Street Parade fascinates not only the fans; DJs from all over the world rave about the unique, electrifying atmosphere and are happy to appear without payment. Together with the Love Mobile-Crews and all the participants, they make this globally unique happening possible and conjure up an incredible wealth of magic moments throughout the streets and squares of Zurich. It is these indescribable "Magic Moments" that stay in the memory of hundreds of thousands of people and that we would like to experience with you time and again!

We hope that you will enjoy this incredibly beautiful experience and help turn it into the largest and most colourful open-air event for electronic music.

We are looking forward to a peaceful, colourful Street Parade 2015 with lots of "Magic Moments", lively and tolerant people from all over the world!



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