dos & donts

Some tipps for yours and our security


Those people who try to get into the mood with excessive amounts of alcohol are bound to miss all the fun and won't last the whole Parade. The atmosphere in Zurich is indescribable, unique and fascinating, even without excessive drinking.


No drugs, no dealing, good feeling!

Don't fall victim to the popular cliché that you need drugs to party. Never mix GHB with alcohol (even mini-doses!). And beware of PMA (currently with the Mitsubishi logo) and Thai pills which can have fatal consequences! A lot of these pills are unfortunately going around. And watch out: some dealers sell Thai pills as Ecstasy. The best thing to do is keep away from party drugs altogether!


Protect your ears

Techno & house are really LOUD! But have a thought for your eardrums and make use of the earplugs provided - there will be plenty available.

Water pistols are OUT!

Leave your «guns» at home! Let’s face it, no one likes getting unintentionally soaked. And people aiming their water pistols at Love Mobiles (and their technical equipment) or girly revellers are simply jerks!

First Aid

Please show consideration for others – and do not hinder the first aid workers.

No Parking!

Leave your car at home and use the train – there are plenty of excellent connections! The Parade route and all the party locations in Zürich are easily accessible by public transport.


No mountaineering exercises!

Freak out as much as you like – but do not climb unto the traffic lights, road signs, trees or tram and bus shelters.



The overhead tram wires will be under high voltage throughout the Parade . So under no circumstances touch the wires!


Fluid loss

Make sure you drink plenty of liquids – especially if it's hot. Purchases of beverages from our official refreshment stands and mobile vendors (Lipton, Coca Cola & Co.) help to support the Parade.


Keep Zürich tidy!

Please dispose of your litter in the bins provided. Never litter the bushes or parking areas.


Ozone mio!

Use sun protection to avoid sunburn – unless you want to look like a lobster after the Parade.

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Infos Take care!